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user testimonial: I used this during medical school on my rotations, a little bit of a steep price for my loans but I was convinced I would go into med-peds and needed a resource for my internal medicine rotation, which I found very helpful. Part 2 of the story: I didn't much like adult medicine and am now entering pediatrics residency. I asked if there was a way to filter cases by age (e.g. under 22), and while there wasn't, within two weeks a feature was added to filter the search for age. I look forward to using this in residency and am very impressed by response to feedback as well as growth of cases
user testimonial: I bought this app few days ago before I took my ACLS certification and this helped me tremendously! Yes it is a bit pricey, but not pricey enough to help you save a life! And with this app, I am now ACLS certified
user testimonial: I am a paramedic student with (adult onset) ADD and I am always looking for different ways to overcome the issues with my study habits I struggle with. This app helped me pass my cardiology unit exam by giving me another outlet to study the same concepts I was already learning in class. Kind of a healthy distraction of sorts. I'm not sure that's what the app was targeted for- but I thought I'd mention it for anyone interested
user testimonial: This app is professionally done, it helps me learn to interpret ECG's. The use of quizzes, and in depth (but clear cut) explanations are helpful. I want to thank the Team who put this app together. You guys are making the world a better place by teaching soon to be health care professionals.
看護学生です。 心電図が苦手なので、臨床でも対応できるように学びたいと思っています。心電図が実際と同じように出てくるのがすごくいいと思います!紙で見るより見る力がつくかも。そんな気がします。 あと心電図の波形型と一緒に、その定義も書いてくれると見比べたりできるので嬉しいかなと思って星を1つ減らしました。 定義とかを覚えてる人だとちゃんと読めるんだろうなあと思います。がんばりまーす
心内科真的是要学的太多专科性也强 这个app学习ECG真心不错。绝对是一款值得推荐的好软件,学好心电图的好帮手!五星推荐!既有动态心电图,又有临床资料,碎片时间,随时学习!推荐

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